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What are the games, movies, and music you always turn to for good ol' fashioned comfort? We discuss your picks, and we also chat with the dev team behind the upcoming PS Vita game Severed.

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First up: an interview on TowerFall Dark World, the massive TowerFall expansion that dropped this week. Also, we speak with the devs behind Trans-Galactic Tournament, a newly-revealed MOBA on PS4.

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Today, we talk with the Senior Producer on Star Wars Battlefront and chat with our good friend (and Sound Shapes buff) Scott Rohde.

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We talk with one of two devs behind the ambitious space scoundrel simulator Rebel Galaxy on PS4. And an old friend stops by to chat about the high-flying antics of Rocket League. 

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Renowned developer and director Tim Schafer stops by to talk about Broken Age (and tell some jokes). 

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It's an even bigger show than usual! We sit down and talk with J from Bandai Namco Entertainment about Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin on PS4.

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We're back! On today's show, we continue our weeks-long discussion of Bloodborne and its supreme awesomeness, as well as a little chat on the Axiom Verge launch.

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At long last! The gothic, brutally challenging action RPG by From Software is out on PS4.

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To celebrate the upcoming launch of Bloodborne on PS4, we talk about our experience with the transforming weapons, Chalice Dungeons, and more.

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A classic adventure returns! We speak with Matt Korba, the creative director on the new King's Quest for PS4 and PS3.

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