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The gang is back together, and sillier than ever! Despite that, we serve up next week's new releases, Destiny Beta talk, and a one-two interview punch with Diablo's Matthew Berger and Freedom Wars' Nick Accordino.

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Planes, trains, and Hohokum-mobiles! Far Cry 4 writer CJ Kershner and Hohokum senior producer Zach Wood serve up two piping hot interviews. Plus: New PlayStation releases for 7/22/14, riveting elephant talk, and letters.

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Refreshed and revitalized after the July 4th break, the Blogcast team recalls favorite PSone memories, discusses the big PlayStation-first Destiny Beta (7/17!), and talks about elephants. Seriously. Elephants. Do listen in!

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We roam far and wide, with discussion on Mortal Kombat X, the newly-announced Legend of Korra game, and prehistoric favorite Primal Rage. As well as all the new releases for 07/01, a new mystery theme, and a slew of silly Sid synonyms.

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With E3 in the rearview, we focus on the bold new future! Specifically, next week's new releases for 06/24, and an interview with Hello Games on their stunning PS4 sky-fi adventure No Man's Sky. Plus voicemails, gags, and more!

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E3 is nearly upon us! We squeeze out one last diamond of a pre-show-show, including an interview with Atlus' John Hardin and Robert Stone, new releases for 06/10, and Sid failing to spoil Game of Thrones. Huzzah!

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Delirious with the first signs of E3 madness, we forge ahead to bring you the new releases for 05/27, Transistor talk, and a colorful Hohokum update from its creators Ricky Haggett and Dick Hogg. Enjoy!

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PS4/PS3/Vita triple threat Helldivers and PS4 indie Chasm take center stage on today's tardy show! Listen in for first details on the new North American game releases for May 20th, new listener letters and the usual shenanigans.

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Our indiestravaganza continues with windy interviews on PS4/Vita blood brothers The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Aztez, as well as all the new releases for 05/13, listener letters, and movie talk From Here to Eternity.

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Supergiant's Greg Kasavin talks PS4 stunner Transistor (out May 20th) join new interviews for indie standouts Nidhogg and Rogue Legacy! Plus: new North American game releases for May 6th 2014, listener letters and more.

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