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Fore! Today on the show we talk with No Goblin, the team behind 100ft Robot Golf! Plus, our continued commitment to Risk of Rain and a discussion on games that bring tears to our eyes. Enjoy the show!

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a rather intimate discussion on Risk of Rain -- the challenging and ever so rewarding experience that now dominates Sid and Ryan's digital palate.

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It's Lombax Awareness Week! Today we talk with James from Insomniac about the recently launched Ratchet & Clank on PS4, Justin falls back down the Destiny rabbit hole, the gang can't wait for Axiom Verge and Severed to hit PS Vita (soon!), Ryan is obsessed with Risk of Rain, and more. Enjoy the show!

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Is there anything that can tear Justin and Ryan away from the joyful dodge rolling of Enter the Gungeon? Why, yes! Ryan goes hands-on with Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and discusses the beautiful next chapter in this classic JRPG series. Plus, we prepare mind and body for the arrival of Dark Souls III. Enjoy the show!

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In the wake of massive Final Fantasy XV news this week, Nick and Ryan record an intimate show with all the fixings: new releases, news you can use, 16 inch Iron Giant statues, and so much more. Special thanks to the minds behind Severed on PS Vita and Wayward Sky on PS VR for the incredible interviews featured on today's program. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your sonic flight through the internet.

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Ladies and gentlemen, there's almost too much show for this one episode to handle. Our series of interviews continues as we talk to the minds behind Golem, Dirt Rally, and King's Quest. Plus, we reminisce on the first game we ever beat -- which was a long time ago, by all accounts. Was it even possible to beat games back then? Join us, and enjoy the show!

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It's a huge week on the blogcast! Following GDC week, the team talks PlayStation VR, Thumper, Golem, and Marvel Battlegrounds. Enjoy!

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Episode 200: PS We Love You Too

We're honestly amazed that we made it to this point. Back in late 2011, when we took our first, shaky steps into podcasting, we would never have believed that more than four years later we would still be going strong.

Hitting the 200 episode mark means that PlayStation Blogcast is officially serious business. We could never have reached this point without you, so: Thank you!

Today’s episode is suitably momentous, with three very special guests. So… let’s listen in.

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It's a show of interstellar proportions! Today we talk to Sean Murray from Hello Games about the hotly anticipated, nearly infinite adventure of No Man's Sky. And if that wasn't enough smoldering hot content for your ears, we're packing in a bonus interview with J. Kartje from Bandai Namco on Dark Souls III. We hear it's the Dark Souls of Dark Souls games. Plus, new releases, news you can use, and so much more! Enjoy!

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Welcome back! This week, Ryan talks to Jeremy from PopCap about Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, while Sid finally faces his fear of MOBAs and shares his impressions of Epic's accessible-yet-hardcore Paragon. Justin is once again crippled by his inability to choose between Destiny and Final Fantasy XIV, and we can only assume Nick is lost in the wilderness somewhere, because he's not in this episode. I'm sure he's fine.

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