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Listen up! This week, we've got hard-hitting interviews on Starblood Arena and What Remains of Edith Finch, plus some very unusual talk about laundry.

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It's a half-staffed show jam-packed with valuable <i>#content</i> for our dear listeners this week! Join us for lots of Mass Effect Andromeda talk, Justin's early impressions of Persona 5, and interviews with the teams behind Hob, The Persistence and Farpoint. Phew!

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Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen! It's our pleasure to present a brand new episode that features not only the recently revealed Middle-earth: Shadow of War, but also the upcoming They Shall Not Pass DLC from Battlefield 1. That's right, two (2) featured interviews in one (1) podcast!

Bonus: the team continues to gush about Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ryan just barely prevents Sid from falling down a Darkest Dungeon tangent again. Enjoy the show!

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On this week's Blogcast, Sid and I recount our favorite stories to come out of GDC '17. We also ponder the finer points of the "clicker" genre, look forward to the sleeper hit-to-be Disc Jam, and share stories of our adventures in Guerrilla's Horizon Zero Dawn. Finally, a thought-provoking listener letter kicks off a discussion about overhyping games and expectation management. Enjoy the show!

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The gang weighs in on Horizon Zero Dawn, coming to PS4 on February 28. Join us!

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We talk MLB The Show 17, Prey, and Sid's unusual past. Join us!

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Mass Effect Andromeda and Psychonauts in The Rhombus of Ruin for PS VR take center stage on this week’s show! Special guests include Bioware General Manager Aaryn Flynn and Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and Chad Dawson. We also discuss all the finest things in life: Darkest Dungeon, OLED TVs, and PlayStation VR.

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Is Resident Evil 7 in virtual reality *too* scary? Horror aficionado Sid Shuman reports! Plus, the gang talks about their beefy hands-on session with Horizon Zero Dawn, all leading up to an enlightening interview with Hermen Hulst of Guerrilla Games. Enjoy!

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The gang's all here! Well, two of them anyway. That's right, this week's show sees Ryan and Justin at the reins, which means there's nobody to stop them from talking about Final Fantasy for an hour straight! Except they don't do that, because that wouldn't make for a great show. Come for an interview with Ubisoft about Ghost Recon Wildlands, stay for Justin recounting his recent adventures in Japan.

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It took us 45 minutes to figure out how to turn the microphones on, but when we finally did we discussed the packed release schedule for the last week of January, including Resident Evil VII and Yakuza 0, Sid’s love of pinball, and, of course, Sid’s continued tilt at the windmills of Darkest Dungeon.

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