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When Sid heard the news, his head just about spun off into the atmosphere. That's right, System Shock is coming to PS4. It's one of Sid's favorite series of all time, so he has quite a lot to say about it. And speaking of first-person, story-driven experiences, Sid went hands-on with the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. What new technologies -- and new dangers -- will hero Adam Jensen face in this chapter of the iconic franchise? Sid tells all. Or at least some.

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We're short one Shuman today, but we've enlisted a very special co-host in his stead: the one and only Shuhei Yoshida! Join us as we discuss some of Shuhei's favorite memories from E3 and the upcoming release of The Last Guardian, and as he reveals how he makes time to play games (spoiler: he wakes up early).

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Sid and Clements are alone in the studio. What better way to pass the time than talk about their mutual love for Overwatch?

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Not only do we sit down and talk with the legendary Ed Boon about the recently revealed Injustice 2, but we also say farewell to one of our dearest friends as he embarks on a new adventure.

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Ryan shares stories of fatherhood while the rest of the gang recovers from one of the most action-packed E3s yet! Plenty of new game talk, from God of War to Gravity Rush 2 and everything in between. Plus, as always, a peek at next week's new releases. Enjoy the show!

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E3 2016 is just over a week away! Sid, Nick, and Justin take a break from the madness to sing the praises of Downwell, Doom, and Dark Souls 3. And a special treat at the end of the show: a spoilericious Spoilercast dedicated to Uncharted 4. Enjoy!

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With Ryan and Nick out of touch, Justin and Sid drift helplessly towards a planetoid bearing a familiar sign: Doom.

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This is it! Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is finally here, and we can't stop talking about it. Enjoy the show!

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Welcome back, dear listener! We heard you like video games, so we put together an extra-special episode for you this week where we basically just count down how many more minutes we have to wait for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. We may or may not (we do) also have interviews for Mafia III and Paragon, a continuation of our discussion of emotional games, and a full report of the recent Hatsune Miku concert in San Francisco. Because the future is great.

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Fore! Today on the show we talk with No Goblin, the team behind 100ft Robot Golf! Plus, our continued commitment to Risk of Rain and a discussion on games that bring tears to our eyes. Enjoy the show!

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