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On today's show, we talk anime, mechs, and interstellar soup factories. That's right, we have an extended interview with Jake Kazdal on Galak-Z: The Dimensional.

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We have so much to talk about this week! Nick reflects on his long, personal journey with N++ and its impending (and anticipated) launch.

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New! PlayStation World Wide Studios' Scott Rohde dispenses some insights into Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and his history with the celebrated series. Plus: Top 5 Genesis games, new game releases for 7/21/15 in the US and much more!

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Batman Arkham Knight, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Rocket League, and more! If you're not one of the lucky folks attending Comic-Con this week, fear not!

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On this week's show, we talk with the crew behind Street Fighter V and have a thorough discussion on Batman. Apologies for the technical issues with this episode!

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The Blogcast crew discusses E3 2015 highlights, favorite demos, memorable memories, and press conference reactions.

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Yoshida-san stops by to share his personal passion for Bloodborne, which led him to a successful Platinum and a newfound appreciation for YouTube tutorial videos.

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Massive, open-world fantasy adventures? Sign us up! The team assembles (late at night) to gush about The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and its incredible scope.

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What are the games, movies, and music you always turn to for good ol' fashioned comfort? We discuss your picks, and we also chat with the dev team behind the upcoming PS Vita game Severed.

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First up: an interview on TowerFall Dark World, the massive TowerFall expansion that dropped this week. Also, we speak with the devs behind Trans-Galactic Tournament, a newly-revealed MOBA on PS4.

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