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PlayStation Experience 2016 hits next weekend! We take a breather from the Black Friday rush to gush about PS4 Pro, Sid talks about why the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare campaign surprised him, and Justin details his favorite aspects of Titanfall 2.

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The last pre PS4 Pro episode of PlayStation Blogcast! Join us as we talk about our impending new ultra-powerful console, then listen to Sid expound on Darkest Dungeon's narrative delights, and hang around to hear Ryan and Justin sneak in some Final Fantasy XIV chat near the end of the episode. Enjoy!

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Join us for an episode of PlayStation Blogcast positively packed with interviews! First up, IO Interactive enlightens us with stories from the development of Hitman. Next, voice actor Kari Wahlgren talks about her role in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. Other highlights include Sid's obsession with Darkest Dungeon, a roundtable discussion of the fantastic anime One-Punch Man, and more. Enjoy!

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We've got fancy microphones and no idea how to use them! Sid talks about Overwatch for like 20 minutes, then falls asleep when Justin recounts his experience at FFXIV Fan Festival. Plus, oodles of PS VR chat, and early impressions of Titanfall 2. Enjoy!

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Today's the day! Virtual reality is now a reality, thanks to PlayStation VR. On today's show, Sid and Ryan get silly, discuss PS VR highlights, and speak to Rich from Crystal Dynamics about Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration on PS4.

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Here They Lie is a horror game coming to PlayStation VR. Naturally, we had to investigate. Join us for interviews with the team behind that one, as well as a chat with the team working on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Oh, and Justin tries, unsuccessfully, to talk about Final Fantasy XIV's new patch.

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This week: an in-depth talk with Taylor Kurosaki on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. He speaks to the game's spectacular campaign and how it will melt many, many faces (not his words).

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We've got a slightly more intimate show for you this week — well, less intimate than our last show, but still.

Join Ryan and Justin as they talk about their adventures in New York, where they witnessed the debut of PS4 Pro and the new slimmer PS4. They also talk about BioShock: The Collection, Destiny: Rise of Iron, Steven Universe, and even a few movies! They saved those for the end of the show, though.

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A doomed space colony, a strange artificial intelligence, a lonely podcast host... it all leads to this! Enjoy the show!

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Today, we talk with the creative director of Watch Dogs 2 about how the upcoming open world improves on the original. Plus, let's hear the second part of Justin's detailed Titanfall 2 interview on the game's white-knuckle multiplayer modes. And that's not all!

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