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Happy holidays! As the year comes to a close, we pick our Game of the Year contenders for 2014 before we roll out the official selections next year. Enjoy the show!

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There's too much news for just one show! We select our favorite memories from last weekend's PlayStation Experience. And we chat about the PS4 multiplayer shooter Secret Ponchos. Enjoy the show!

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Holy smokes! Scott Rohde joins the crew to talk about his top 3 favorite PSone games of all time. Plus, an interview with the crazy devs behind Loadout.

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Hello, friends! Today we talk about new Bloodborne details and our continued obsession with The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

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Oh my goodness. There are so many games coming out on November 18th. We cover all those new releases, rave about The Binding of Isaac, and get a little deep with space talk.

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Oh hi there, PlayStation people! Today, we hear from the executive producer of Dragon Age: Inquisition and learn about geometric density. Also, The Binding of Isaac, pasta sauce, and How Justin Almost Burned His Apartment Down. Yes, these are all real topics, and yes, you'll love them (we hope)!

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Y'all hear about this "Minecraft" the kids are talking about? That's right, I start mining years late and gush about it.

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A late-night podcasting session nearly ends in uproarious disaster for our plucky heroes! Or something, I'm tired. Anywho, on today's show we race through next week's new releases, share Nidhogg notes and trade barbs like old friends. Enjoy!

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Nick's back! He didn't vanish into the ether, after all! On today's show, we're honored to have Scott Rohde join in once again to talk about the latest games he's playing. Plus, new releases and Nick's crazy adventures in Japan.

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Today on the blogcast: hands-on impressions with Resident Evil, Vib-Ribbon, Alien: Isolation, and a heated discussion about spoiler culture. Plus new releases, listener letters, and more. Enjoy!

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