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At long last! The gothic, brutally challenging action RPG by From Software is out on PS4.

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To celebrate the upcoming launch of Bloodborne on PS4, we talk about our experience with the transforming weapons, Chalice Dungeons, and more.

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A classic adventure returns! We speak with Matt Korba, the creative director on the new King's Quest for PS4 and PS3.

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It's GDC 2015! A lot of super cool things are happening this week, including the reveal of a new Morpheus prototype.

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...Spring Fever, that is! On this week's show, we gush over the incredible, eight-week lineup of digital games coming to PlayStation this Spring.

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Justin has an in-depth interview with Tom Happ, the sole creator of Axiom Verge. Come for the interview, stay for the silliness. Enjoy the show!

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Hello! On today's show, we speak with the Game Director of The Order: 1886, as well as gush about the upcoming, asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Evolve.

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We try our hand at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the latest in an iconic series of dark fantasy games.

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Wow, 150 episodes! To celebrate, we go hands-on with DmC: Definitive Edition on PS4, talk with the lead programmer at Plex, and much more.

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Today, the PlayStation Blogcast crew looks ahead to the new year. Which game is everyone most eager for?

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